How is my Zen Cart book doing?

I authored the book on Zen Cart last year, and it was published by Packt in July 2008. At first, I didn’t think how it sell – and how readers will take it. I have written as I wrote other books in Bangla. But there was some little hesitation on writing the book first in Bangla. It is my first book written in English and that’s why I was little bit worried about my style of writing.

When the book came out in July 2008, many readers expressed their thought on the book. Some reviewed the book on their blog. So far I know, the first person who reviewed the book on his blog is That Software Guy – a ‘micro-consultant’ with mega-knowledge on Zen Cart. Anybody interested building a shop based on Zen Cart may hear his name, he has some important contributions for Zen Cart. The review by ThatSoftwareGuy really inspired me. The first line of his review is very motivating – as he understood how difficult to write on Zen Cart  due to its different audiences. Here is the quote from his review:

It’s really difficult to write a good manual for a product like Zen Cart. The chief obstacle to universal acclaim is the fact that the market is highly segregated: newbies who are unlikely to venture beyond modifying simple admin settings are not going to want to the customization details that will excite experienced PHP developers. So how do you balance these interests?

Suhreed Sarkar’s new book Zen Cart E-commerce Application Development walks the wire nicely. It provides ample coverage of admin panel basics that every shopowner needs to know, and also takes the time to discuss topics like changing templates and writing CSS. There is code in every chapter (even some code I wrote from Better Together), which is going to be very helpful for someone who wants to go beyond the customization capabilities which are available through the admin panel. The book’s treatment of add-ons is also useful, as is the background and comparative information for people coming from OSCommerce.

If I had to buy a single book on Zen Cart, it would still be Goh Koon Hoek’s manual. However, for users seeking a litle more detail and a gentle introduction to changing files and using contributions, this book is a nice addition. Good luck to Suhreed Sarkar and Packt Publishing!

The Cart Blog, Thursday, July 31, 2008

The review by ThatSoftwareGuy was inspiring! Then I got another review from Chase Sagum. He sent a praise to Packt and I got to know his good words! Later I found that he has written a full review on his blog, and here it is:

I have talked with many people who have spent hours and hours trying to troubleshoot a simple issue with Zen Cart. I myself have spent hours of my own time trying to find answers or solutions with no luck. For example, one evening I spent 4 hours trying to figure out how to allow customers to make purchases without having to create an account! Only to find out that by default, Zen Cart only allows customers to make purchases with an account, and that I needed a custom plugin to enable purchasing without an account! At the time I wish I had a good manual that could help me save those 4 hours. If only I had this manual back then.

A Great Zen Cart Manual,, 14 September 2008

Then I got first customer review at A five star rating saying it an excellent book. Then comes two reviews on Those reviews can really inspire an author.

Here are the links of these reviews:

Here is another review from The Hungry Coder. I thank all the reviewers and the readers who have bought the book and provided their feedback on the book. They made the book a success and the book is now standing at top in the e-commerce category in

The readers and reviewers have also made a difference. Most of the readers have shown their preference for this book.

Hope this support will continue. My next book, Joomla! E-commerce using VirtueMart is coming soon, and hope the readers will also find that useful and worth reading.


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