Joomla! E-Commerce with VirtueMart book review

I’ve had the chance to read Packt Publishing’s Joomla! E-Commerce with VirtueMart by Suhreed Sarkar and as a complete “how to” for Joomla and VirtueMart it’s perfect.

It really does contain all you need to get up and running a full e-commerce site using these components.

Joomla! E-Commerce with VirtueMart It has to be admitted that for a newbie, after the installation of VirtueMart, it’s all very daunting!
The documentation is available from VirueMart but it does assume rather a lot for a beginner.

Packt Publishing’s new title though really sets out a complete step-by-step guide from installing Joomla through to going live with your e-commerce site.
And it doesn’t only roll through the steps needed to get up and running.
Included for example are some small hacks to enable a different user group with different function permissions.

And a good run-down on available extensions for Search Engine Friendly Url’s, Bulk imports of products, bookmarking modules etc.

There are chapters on template customising and a very valuable resource “which template displays what content”, always a problem with VirtueMart, knowing where to change a file to customise a view.

The various VirtueMart modules (description, installation and configuration) are covered and a large appendix describing the payment and shipping modules.

Finishing off with a comprehensive resources appendix the book covers it all and can be recommended for those starting out in the Joomla / VirtueMart world.

It’s available in print or as a discounted price PDF download, if you want a good basic grounding in building an e-commerce site with VirtueMart, this is it.
For webmasters this should be the book to recommend to their shop owner clients when their “how do I” questions become one too many.

Get it from Packt Publishing who have a huge range of specialist IT and Technology publications.
The direct link is Joomla! E-Commerce with VirtueMart

Another review of my book at Hope this review helps others.

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