Southeast University providing ICT-Based Education


Welcome to Southeast University ICT-based Programs. You might be aware that Southeast is the first university in private sector to offer a comprehensive e-based virtual learning program to benefit those learners who could not come to campus due to various constraints. To maintain better quality and standard education, Southeast University launched an independent center of excellence, namely Center for Open and Virtual Learning (COViL). This Center provides all types of technical and academic support to all learners and Regional Resource Centers (RRC).  

What are the basic requirements to attend our ICT-based MBA program?

  • To be able to learn through our ICT-based education program, you will need to have access to internet and multimedia computer system. You need not own a multimedia computer system yourself, but you must be able to work on such a system, on an average three hours a week.

  • You will also need to have an internet and e-mail access to communicate with your Teachers.

How do we design our curriculum?

  • You might know that we run American credit hour system of education. Each course in MBA program is having 3 credit hours, which requires a learner to take 3 hours class every week for 14 weeks. We design and develop lectures through modules in such a way that you will require an average of 3 hours to go through the lecture and conceptualize the matters of the same. That way, if you learn one lecture each week, you can complete the 3 credit hour courses within 14 weeks.

    That means we will run sessions for a total of 42 hours for each course. In case of physical campus, learners have quite similar magnitude of exposure to their teachers.

  • SEU virtual campuses organize classes without classrooms, exam without textbooks. It is a ICT-based learning process which involves CD, lecture modules and interactive academic discussions with teachers on the website, e-mail through internet, audio-video conferencing system, use of mobile technology etc. Currently, SEU is providing open and virtual courses in MBA and BA (Hons.) and MA in Islamic Studies in the ICT-based mode in the Dhaka campus as well as in the regional resource centers at Khulna, Jessore, Barishal, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Rajshahi, Mymensingh, Pabna, Sylhet, Rangpur, and Kushtia. SEU is also planning to open resource centers at other important places of the country.

  • COViL is working on the introduction of some ICT-based CELP programs for implementation from January 2009. Southeast University has a modest but modern well-equipped Studio for recording model lectures. It has a communication center from where it can  monitor and control the Virtual campus website, arrange audio-video conference remotely, edit recorded video lectures, copy those in multiple CDs for the learners, Audio, Video, Multimedia presentation facility etc. Very soon it hopes to broadcast educational programs in some TV Channels under ICT-based learning system.

Why do we call our program a virtual e-based system?
Each learner is provided with a password as well as an e-mail account. Every enrolled learner will be able to access to lectures by using the password. So it is very important to maintain confidentiality of your password. Your teachers will also have their respective e-mail accounts through which you can contact them whenever you need their assistance. When you have gone through the whole lecture, you might have several queries in your mind. You can ask your questions to the virtual teacher through e-mail and have your queries solved. Like a classroom environment where any learner’s query is shared by all, similarly all enrolled learners will have access to a common bulletin board where one learner’s interaction with the virtual teacher can be shared by all.

The Center for Open and Virtual Learning (COVil)

To pay needed exclusive attention to ICT-based education system, SEU has recently established the full-fledged independent Center for Open and Virtual Learning in its Dhaka campus. Experienced and highly qualified technical and academic staff have been recruited for all necessary services. Research is in progress to make it more effective and compatible with today’s global practices in this specialty.

Current organizational set up for implementing ICT-based Program at SEU:

Chief Patron: Prof. Dr. M. Shamsher Ali (Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, SEU)

Adviser / Chief, COViL: Prof. Dr. Manzurul Islam

Staff of COViL:

1. Administrative Team:

  • Mrs. Nagina Najnin Banu, Senior Coordination Officer (Exams., Admission and General RRC Coordination)

  • Mr. Subrata Kumar Bahadur, Accounts and Admin (General)

  • Mr. S. M. Saiful Islam Kallol, Assistant Officer (Exams.- Trainee)

2. Technical Team:

  • Mr. Md. Shahinul Islam Fakir, System Engineer-cum-ICT Coordinator

  • Mr. Nazmul Hasan, Video Editor (also in-charge of production of CDs and multimedia operation)

  • Mr. Md. Sirajul Haque, PS to Adviser and ICT Coordinator

  • Ms. Tahmina Ahmed, Project Coordinator (Technical) (new projects, research & training)

3. Academic Coordination Team:

MBA Prgram:

  • Mr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Asst. Professor & Coordinator (Rangpur & Rajshahi), Mobile-01716-354444

  • Mr. Mohammed Ashraf Uddin, Asst. Professor & Coordinator (Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar), Mobile- 01552-303994 

  • Mr. N. H. M. Ariful Azim, Asst. Professor & Coordinator (Kushtia & Pabna), Mobile-01552379677

  • Mr. Ataur Rahman, Asst. Professor & Coordinator (Mymensingh & Sylhet),  Mobile-01711-071517

  • Mr. Murad Hasan, Lecturer & Coordinator (Khulna , Jessore & Barishal),  Mobile- 01711-951365

Islamic Studies (IS) Program:

  • Mr. Abu Ayub Md. Ibrahim, Lecturer & Coordinator (All RRCs), Mobile- 01552-340672

I was not aware this program. I found it today. Those who are working for ICT in education in Bangladesh may be interested here. Surely, I would meet the University team and explore how they are using ICTs for education? Is it an advertisement strategy or real implementation of distance learning using ICTs?

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