Napeleon Hill’ Keys to Success

Napoleon Hill is famous for his book – Think and Grow Rich. I bought another book by this author. It's somehow extension of what he said in Think and Grow Rich. First chapter of this book tells about definiteness of purpose. Then explains why and how to build a mastermind alliance.It explains how to build an attractive personality, use faith and go for extra mile.
The chapters in this book are as follows:

  1. develop definiteness of purpose
  2. establish a mastermind alliance
  3. assemble an attractive personality
  4. use applied faith
  5. go the extra mile
  6. create personal initiative
  7. build a positive mental attitude
  8. control your enthusiasm
  9. enforce self-discipline
  10. think accurately
  11. control your attention
  12. inspire teamwork
  13. learn from adversity and defeat
  14. cultivate creative vision
  15. maintain sound health
  16. budget your time and money
  17. use cosmic habitforce
  18. the seventeen principles of success

The book is worth reading for success seekers.

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