Building Form Applications in Joomla! using CK Forms

Building Form Applications in Joomla! using CK Forms

There is no doubt that Joomla! is one of the best content management system (CMS) in the world. It has a large set of extensions to meet almost any type of application need ranging from content management, photo gallery, multimedia streaming to e-commerce and social networking. It has great flexibility in changing designs and customizing the code. With Joomla, you can build any kind of website and dynamic web application. For example, this step-by-step tutorial by Suhreed Sarkar describes how to build custom form applications in Joomla! using CK Forms component without delving into any PHP code.

Add a quick survey  form to your Joomla site

Dynamic web application often means database at the back-end. It not only takes data from the database and shows, but also collects data from the visitors. For example, you want to add a quick survey into your Joomla! Site. Instead of searching for different extensions for survey forms, you can quickly build one survey form using an extension named CK Forms. This extensions is freely available for download at

For building a quick survey, follow the steps below:

  1. Download CK Forms extension from and install it from Extensions | Install/Uninstall screen in Joomla! Administration area.
  2. Once installed successfully, you see the component CK Forms in Components menu.
  3. Select Components | CK Forms and you get CK Forms screen as shown below:

Here is my article published on Packt’s article network. This is a new articles and have not been published earlier, not included in any book. Hope you will be benefited from this by learning to design a Form in Joomla!.

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