Showing Content items in Module positions

Content items in Joomla! are displayed in content area, such as main component area. Usually you cannot show an article in a module's position. For example, you want to show an article in Left module position. Joomla! core doesn't allow you to do so. However, with an extension you can do it easily. In this recipe, I am going to show you how to display an article or a category in a module position.

Getting ready…
A popular module, Place here, enables you to publish a content item in a module position. Download this freely available module from and install it from Extensions | Install/Uninstall screen.

How to do it…
After installation, follow the steps below to publish an article in module position:

1. From Joomla! Administration panel, click Extensions | Module Manager. That shows list of installed modules.

2. Click on Place Here module from this list. That shows Module:[Edit] screen for Place Here module.

3. Provide an appropriate title for the module in Title field or select No in Show Title field if you wish not to display the module's title. Select Yes in Enabled field to publish the module. Then select the module position from Position drop down list.
4. From Module Parameters section, select Article in Type drop down list.
5. Type ID of the article in ID field. You can type multiple Article Ids separating by commas (,).
6. In Show Related drop down list, select Yes.
7. In Offset field, type the ID of the article by which you want to start the display.
8. In Number of items displayed field, type the number of items you want to display in this module. Type '0' for no limit.
9. Keep the other options unchanged and save settings by clicking Save button in the tool bar.
10. Preview the site's front end and you find the module with your articles displayed.

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