How to Root Android on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Yesterday I have rooted by Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have tried Apple iPad earlier and after a week jail-broken that, because you cant do anything without Jailbreaking in iPad (att least from Bangladesh). After buying Android based Galaxy Tab, I was using it without rooting (having root access, or 'root' user's permission. But I found it difficult to see squares in Bangla writing. No Bangla font was installed. Googled and found this useful article on how install Bangla font. It also said that you need to be root first and then run several commands. The process seemed clumsy to me (as I hate typing those cryptic commands without understanding first). So, my first mission was to root the device.

WARNING: Rooting your device may make device's warranty invalid.It may also lead to destroying data (if goes wrong). Therefore, whatever you do, DO at your risks. 

Here is the process you can follow:
1. If you are not aware about rooting or dont understand what does it mean – first Google and learn about its pros and cons. From Android market, you can download the app Root and Me. It gives you needed information on Rooting.
2. After deciding to root your device, first configure your Android device (SGT) to allow USB debugging. To do this, tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Development, then check USB Debugging.
3. Download SuperOneClick from here. Extract the Zip file and run SuperOneClick.exe. It looks like the following screenshot.


4. Now connect your device (Samsung Galaxy Tab) to your computer through given connector. If Kies starts, close that. Now click on Root button on SuperOneClick window. After few seconds, it will show message saying that your device is rooted. 
5. After rooting your device, you can install some other useful apps from the Android market. For such apps, search Android market for 'Root' keyword.


3 thoughts on “How to Root Android on Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. Thank you Suhreed. Over the years, I came across and gone through some useful print publication by you. Glad to see my post drew your attention.

    However, I could not identify what you proposed/suggested to the user to see bangla? I could not get through the meaning of the word “clumsy” in this context.

    In this post you only showed an easy way to root the device (& I appreciate a new way of rooting). My post does not talk about rooting the device in details. It only mentions that the device needs to be rooted.

    Reading bangla, however, would still require some code punching into the terminal to substitute the system fonts. I am eagerly looking for a solution to substitute the current solution (since I also find it annoying to type codes to see bangla).

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Many thanks, Mehedi. The main point is to change system font on Galaxy tab. What I have done is using graphical tools instead of using command line. In this post I forgot to mention that next post is coming to explaining installing Bangla font on Galaxy tab. I have written that post, and you can read it now:
      As you see, no need of using Root Terminal, and no need of typing command in the terminal. Many thanks for your post and without that I could not know that It is possible to view Bangla on Galaxy Tab.
      I am sorry for the word ‘clumsy’. What I wanted to mean is that it was too complex for me.


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