How to Install Bangla font on Samsung Galaxy Tab

In my earlier post, I have described how to root your Samsung Galaxy Tab using SuperOneClick. After rooting your device you can install Bangla font to view Bangla text written in Unicode. If you are expert in command prompts, you can use the steps as described my Mehedi. If you are afraid of using command line, you can use the method I have used. I am always afraid of using command prompt as small typos often create great problems.

Here are the steps you can follow to install Bangla font:
1. After rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab, from Android market install AndExplorer. This will be used as root file explorer.
2. From Android Market, install TypeFresh. Using this we will change the fonts.
3. Download SolaimanLipi or Rupali fonts on Samsung Galaxy Tab. Usually these are saved in /mnt/sdcard/download folder on your Galaxy Tab.
4. Now open TypeFresh. It will show fonts assignments.

5. Press Menu button and tap Backup Fonts.
6. Now tap on DroidSansFallback.ttf.That will show font selection dialog. 

7. Browse to /mnt/sdcard/download folder and select the font you want to use (I used Rupali, as SolaimanLipi not showing correctly).
8. TypFresh will now prompt you to reboot. 
9. After rebooting, you will able to see Bangla text. 
In fact, there is no difference between the method I used and that one of Mehedi. What we have done is DroidSansFallback.ttf with our Bangla font (Rupali.ttf). I have done it without entering root terminal and without typing a single command. All is done by visual user interface and using freely available apps from Android market. I hope, many Galaxy Tab users will like this easy to use method.

Coming Next: How to Write Bangla on Samsung Galaxy Tab


23 thoughts on “How to Install Bangla font on Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. How to write bangla on galaxy tab?using opera mini i can read bangla,but i can’t write bangla,in my locale and text there is no bangla option.can u plz send me step by step solution?one more thing,if i root my tab,those solution r given by you,then what about my other applications?like gallery,message,camera etc?does it will be install again from android market?or those applications will be ok like previous?plz reply me soon

    • If you want to write bangla, you have to install mayabi keyboard from android market. I have written a new post on writing bangla on android. Plese visit
      If you root your device no changes in your apps will happen. All will work as earlier. No need to reinstall. Besides running already installed apps you can install some more root only apps from the market. If you dont understand what is rooting Nd waht are the consequences, please do not try it. Let me know whether you Re able to write Bangla or not.

  2. Super one click and z4 which one is better?can u tell me in detail how to root?step by step in full detail,actually i didn’t understand what i hv to do?and tell me after connecting my device with computer what i hv to do first?and after root how to install bangla font?

  3. Can u send the full solution in bangla?how to root and how to install bangla font?if u can,then plz add vedio tutorial for root and install bangla font

    • So far I have described how to root a device and then install Bangla font. I have also shown how to write Bangla using Mayabi Keyboard. May be video tutorial will be good for many of you, but I am just waiting to get that time to do so. Thanks for your interest.

  4. Rooted by z4, andexplored,replaced,apply font(bangla,rupali )by Type fresh & rebooted but font not installed in below version.
    Huwaie U8500
    Baseband version – 22201010
    kernel version –
    Build number – U8500V100R001C278B712.
    pl help .

  5. TypFresh did not worked for me. I used “Font Changer” to change the Font to “SolaimanLipi”. Any way great help. Thank you for the writting.

  6. Syam Rupali Works better than normal “Rupali” or “SolaimanLipi” Font
    Android Fryo 2.2 for India such as SAMSUNG Galaxy POP GT-5570 has nice Bangla Complex font rendering. Remember Galaxy POP has several version for several country. At bangladesh a “GT” symbol is added, Like GT-5570, this version has indic language support.

    Anyone can Fix Corrupt Bengali by Flashing his phone by Indian Firmware. 😀

  7. Vai apnake amara bistarato bolben . how can i see bangla font in my Samsung galaxy s2 gti9100 . Achola ami like to see prothom alo or Facebook. so pls how possible ?

  8. How to useing bangla front & bangla language on galaxy s2?
    iPhone has showing automaticly. u have any suggestion? (admin)

  9. ami view sonic er viewpad 7 use kori.ati android 2.2 er dara chole.kinto ete bangla font dekha jai ami nete bangla paper ba bangla lekha porte pari na.ekhon ami ki korbo.kew help korle khoshi hobo.

  10. I am using GT-P7501, while typing it doesn’t show word suggestion. In Language & Input settings there is no options for predictive text. From google play store I downloaded some keyboard applications, bt they dont work. What shall I do ?

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