I am Suhreed Sarkar from Bangladesh. I live in Dhaka with my family. Following is a snapshot of my life.


  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Department of Management Studied, University of Dhaka, 2003-2007. major in Management.
  • Marine Engineering from Marine Academy, Chittagong. 1991-1992.
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) from Naogaon Government College under Rajshahi Education Board. Science Group. 1st Division. 1990.
  • Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Porsha High Madrasha cum High School, under Rajshahi Education Board. Science Group. 1st Division. 1988.

Work Experiences

  • Currently working at a specialized UN agency as Project Manager. Dealing with Non-Formal Education Management Information System.
  • Worked on Child Labour in a specialized UN agency from 2002 – 2005. Developed and maintained child labour tracking system.
  • Worked as IT trainer for Web development, system administration and ecommerce technologies.
  • Writing on information technologies. 15 books published.

What I do?

I like writing. I write on information technology and other issues like social impacts, philosophy and management. I like to think about evolution of human society – try to understand how it progressed so far, and whether the ‘progress’ is a real progress or a new trap? How can I help you?

  • I can help you by writing technical documentation. I am a technical writer, and have written a number of technical books which are well known for their clarity and content.
  • I can help you setting up most of the open source Content Management System (CMS). Some are to name: Joomla!, Mambo, SilverStripe, phpNuke, Drupal, WordPress, etc.
  • I can setup a learning management system for you. Moodle is the best opensource LMS and I can instal, configure and administer it for you. Besides Moodle, I can also do the same for ATutor and Dokeos.

My books

  1. Web Publishing
  2. Expert Networking
  3. Windows 2000 Professional
  4. Windows 2000 Server
  5. Red Hat Linux 7.2 Administration
  6. XML
  7. Linux Networking
  8. Apache-MySQL-PHP
  9. Fedora Linux
  10. SQL
  11. The Impact of Science on Society [Translation from Bertrand Russel]
  12. Eat that Frog! [Translation form original by Brian Tracy]

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Suhreed,

    I stumbled across your essay on VirtueMart this morning. As a fairly recent arrival in the Joomla world, I want to tell you that your piece is hands down the best orientation to VM I have seen in the year I’ve been actively using Joomla. Comprehensive, clear, practical.

    There is an enormous amount of work that goes into something like this. As a writer myself I recognize how much labor you’ve invested here. Thank you! You’ve given a gift to the whole VM user community. You deserve a wide following for your skills in making Joomla accessible. I hope that people find their way to you. I am going to post a note on a few forums about this helpful essay.

    Ron Kraybill

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